Syn City Legends

Hey guys,

I hope you’ve all been well, and if you’re in an area affected by COVID-19 like I am, I hope you’ve been taking care of yourselves and your families. My newest book is up for preorder (official release March 20th) for those of you who have time to read in between stockpiling supplies and washing your hands ;-).

I still have 40ish free ARCs (advance copies of the book to give out), so if you email me a screenshot of your preorder, I’ll send you the link on Booksprout so you can start reading now.

Link to preorder on Amazon.

Syn City Legends Final Draft (1)
Also, I’ll have new audiobooks coming out within the next few days. Harvest Tournament (sequel to Heartgem Homestead) and Arcane Dropout 6. Syn City Legends will of course get one, too, but ACX review times are now in the 30 day range, so I wouldn’t start checking Audible for it until this time in April.



Death and Delays

Hey guys,

Perceptive eyes may have noticed that today (February 1st) was my original listed release date for the first book in my newest series. Due to a death in the family, I’ve been away from writing, editing, and publishing, and will need to delay the book for the time being.

It’s not all bad news, however. The audiobook for Arcane Dropout 6 will be out very soon, as will Harvest Tournament, the sequel to Heartgem Homestead (with Jessica Jefferies reprising her role as narrator!)

I’ll keep you updated on upcoming releases. If you’re interested in supporting me moving forward, as always, feel free to leave some reviews on any books of mine you might have missed.


Heartgem Homestead Audiobooks

Hey guys,

I’ve had a lot of people ask about when the rest of the Heartgem Homestead series is coming out in audiobook form, which I always find flattering. I deeply enjoyed writing those, they’re a personal favorite of mine. I actually wrote Heartgem Homestead twice, if you can believe it. The first, now completely mothballed iteration had Hal as a millennial from our world (the working title was “Millennial Knight) who fell into another. Basic portal fantasy stuff, you can see the legacy of it in Hal’s backstory.

Anyway, I’ll get straight to the point. Future Heartgem Homestead audiobooks are probably not happening. The reason why is simple: audiobooks are expensive, and only my most loyal, elite, awesome etc. fans bought the first one.

I’m just not at the point as an author where I can summon the expense that goes into an audiobook and not make my original money back. I’ve danced around it a bit in emails with some of you guys have previously asked me, because it feels a bit like the sausage-maker inviting cameras into the factory. I’m not a rich indie author, I’m a “let’s make sure this next book is good so I can heat the house through winter” type indie author.

With that said, I can still do audiobooks for new releases, so expect plenty of those in the future. If I ever have a book take off in a way that gives me financial freedom, I swear I’ll go back to Heartgem Homestead and give its sequels the audiobooks they deserve.

Infinitely sorry,

Edmund Hughes

Arcane Dropout

Arcane Dropout E-Book 2nd Image



Step 1: Sneak into an arcane college with the help of a cute female ghost

Step 2: Break into the school’s hidden archives

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit


Lee Amaranth is a mystic, not a mage. In fact, he’s never cast a spell in his life. His day to day routine involves communing with unseen supernatural entities and banishing specters with silver weapons.

With his sister missing, however, he has no choice but to go on a search that leads him to the locked gates of Primhaven University, a school forbidden to those untouched by arcane potential.

Luckily, if he plays his cards right, he might just have some help. A cute ghost from another century. A nerdy spellcasting prodigy. A beautiful teacher who sees right through his bullshit. It’s up to Lee to decide who to place his trust in as he formulates a plan to fake his way through classes and exams.


WARNING: This novel contains graphic sex scenes between the main character and numerous women/succubi/monster girls.


Sword Sirens

It’s been a busy couple of days!

My newest book, Sword Sirens, is officially live on Amazon! The sequel will be out on February 8th. Audiobooks for Water Nymph and Loyalty Oath should be dropping later this month and in February, respectively.


Audiobooks for both Heartgem Homestead and Sword Sirens will also be releasing over the next few months (hard to predict exactly when). I’ve hired two new narrators, one for each series, to get caught up as soon as possible as a way of apologizing for the slow trickle my productions released at over the course of 2018.

Happy New Year! Love, Edmund.

final sword sirens cover

Unavailable (why my books aren’t showing up)

Hey guys,

You might have noticed that some of my books (Shadow Form, possibly others) are not available for purchase right now. Amazon has not gotten back to me as to the source of this issue, but I’ve confirmed that it’s a technical error currently affecting many authors. If you’re in need of a book and can’t find a way to purchase it, email me at and I’ll send it to you. Honor system in full effect, but I’d rather risk having my books pirated than leave people unable to keep reading the series.

Hopefully Amazon addresses the problem soon.


Long Overdue Updates

Hey guys,

Water Nymph (Dark Impulse 4) is now available in ebook form, and Shadow Form (Dark Impulse Book 2) is finally out as an audiobook. Apologies for the delays. It’s my fault for not keeping in mind how long KDP/ACX can take when reviewing new submissions (especially ACX, audiobook was in review for almost two weeks).

Enjoy! Loyalty Oath, the fifth book in the series, will be out on November 30th. Emerald Keep will be released sometime between now and January in audiobook form, along with Heartgem Homestead (narrated by the incredible Lana Lee).

Water Nymph Large First-page-001

Shadow Form ACX-page-001



Hey guys,

The second book in the Dark Impulse series, Shadow Form, will be out on August 14th (next Tuesday). The audiobook for Blood Mage, read by the talented Erin Bateman, will be arriving around the same time. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about audiobooks, since this is the first time I’ve ever had one produced.

As always, I’m hard at work on writing and editing in the background. Apologies if I haven’t gotten back to any recent emails some of you may have sent. The first season of Dark Impulse we be five books in total, for anyone curious. I will, of course, have a new series for you moving into 2019, which I can’t talk about yet (but really wish I could).

Hope you’re enjoying the summer.


New Series Delay


I’m sure at least a few people saw this coming, given my extended radio silence. I’ve finished writing my next series, but the editing is taking longer than expected. Each book is heftier than any in the Wind Runner series (some close to twice as long), but I still want to publish monthly. Apologies if you were looking forward to diving into my next creation soon. You can always check out my Booksprout page if you’re interested in being a beta reader and getting my books ahead of time.

My style hasn’t changed. There will be plenty of action and graphic sex scenes, but this time in a classical fantasy (swords and sorcery) style setting. I’m aiming to only push the release back by a month, so expect the first book around January 8th. I’ve also submitted a short story set in the same world for publication in the Sex & Sorcery 4 anthology, so be on the lookout for that (I’ll post a link here once it’s out).