Former Champion is here!


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It feels strange to be at this point, after five books and countless hours spent with these characters. I didn’t initially intend for it to be anything other than a distraction from another project I’d been working on earlier this year (one that eventually frustrated me to the point of being thrown out completely).

I’m not really sure what to compare it to. It’s a sensation of letting go, an empty, though not unsatisfying feeling of being finished with something. I spent a lot of time thinking about these characters, picturing how they react to problems and how they interact with each other. I’ve always been more of a methodical writer, rather than someone who can just sit down and freestyle their plots. Which means that I spend countless hours mowing the lawn, or hiking, or standing in the shower while imagining (hallucinating) sections of each of my books until I can really feel like I know exactly where each plot line and each character is headed.

Anyway, Former Champion is the last book in the Wind Runner series, but not the last book you’ll be seeing from me. I’ll be taking two months off to devote as much time as I can to getting a head start on my next series, which will be traditional fantasy erotica. Hopefully I will manage to keep you guys updated on my progress, but if not, you can safely assume that I probably haven’t died.

Expect my next new book in early December. And as always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Allan Hartman

    I recently finished book 1&2 of Halrin Kentar. What a great read! The ending with Maxine Cedric astounding to say the least, and a fitting end to such a spiteful individual. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters! I can’t wait til book 3 comes out, and hopefully see a reunion with Half in and Mauve!

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