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The second book in the Dark Impulse series, Shadow Form, will be out on August 14th (next Tuesday). The audiobook for Blood Mage, read by the talented Erin Bateman, will be arriving around the same time. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about audiobooks, since this is the first time I’ve ever had one produced.

As always, I’m hard at work on writing and editing in the background. Apologies if I haven’t gotten back to any recent emails some of you may have sent. The first season of Dark Impulse we be five books in total, for anyone curious. I will, of course, have a new series for you moving into 2019, which I can’t talk about yet (but really wish I could).

Hope you’re enjoying the summer.



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  1. Ken

    I just finished book 1 and was totally enthralled ( see what I did there,lol) seriously I loved it. Imagine my surprise when I was going to ask u when the next installment was coming out and I found it released already. I mean I missed your ARC email. Arrrgh. Anyway u can bet I snatched it up. U got a nsfw of the current cover yet?

    • wordmagehughes

      Of course! I’m not sure if I can post them openly or not anymore, as all of my blog’s official updates are now connected to my Amazon author account. If you ever miss one, don’t hesitate to email me. I feel like it’s my solemn duty to show off my cover artist’s awesome work.


      • Carlos Bonano

        Is there any new update on book 2 on audible release date, love the first one is there any other going to be summit ed for audible am truly interested

      • wordmagehughes

        It should be out by October 15th for sure, probably earlier. The audiobook is recorded, and now it’s being “proof listened”. I also hired a second narrator to produce Heartgem Homestead, so I think I’ll actually be releasing two new audiobooks this month.

      • Carlos A Bonano Jr

        any new update on the second book release date love you work just exited and cant wait to hear it am truck driver i don’t have time to actually read that why keep asking for it i did read part of one other book but it slow since i drive a lot

  2. Corey

    Just finished listening to blood mage and loved it! I don’t have much opportunity to read with my work schedule but I can get a ton of listening in at work and typically go through a book every couple of days, so im glad to find another author to eagerly snatch up their books when they are released on audible. Just wanted to say I loved your work and to let you know you’ve got an audible credit and review from me every release day! (I also think the alternate nsfw covers are a nice touch, and wish more authors would be bold enough to try it, at least for their fans) Keep up the great work and I’ll keep giving you my money 🙂

  3. Ken

    Ed I recently tried to leave a review on Amazon for your latest, Emerald Keep. They won’t let me review any of your stuff anymore. (Bitches) said my last review didn’t conform to the rules. (Huh???)

  4. Ken

    Just finished book5. I have to say it was the best one yet imho. It ended in a way I assume as an ending. Will there be future installments? I would love to see more of jack and his harem. Please.

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