Unavailable (why my books aren’t showing up)

Hey guys,

You might have noticed that some of my books (Shadow Form, possibly others) are not available for purchase right now. Amazon has not gotten back to me as to the source of this issue, but I’ve confirmed that it’s a technical error currently affecting many authors. If you’re in need of a book and can’t find a way to purchase it, email me at edmundhughes@outlook.com and I’ll send it to you. Honor system in full effect, but I’d rather risk having my books pirated than leave people unable to keep reading the series.

Hopefully Amazon addresses the problem soon.



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    • wordmagehughes

      No specific date, unfortunately ACX is in full control of the release. I submitted Emerald Keep for review on the 13th, and usually it takes between 5-14 days for them to put a finished audiobook on their storefront.

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