Sword Sirens

It’s been a busy couple of days!

My newest book, Sword Sirens, is officially live on Amazon! The sequel will be out on February 8th. Audiobooks for Water Nymph and Loyalty Oath should be dropping later this month and in February, respectively.


Audiobooks for both Heartgem Homestead and Sword Sirens will also be releasing over the next few months (hard to predict exactly when). I’ve hired two new narrators, one for each series, to get caught up as soon as possible as a way of apologizing for the slow trickle my productions released at over the course of 2018.

Happy New Year! Love, Edmund.

final sword sirens cover


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  1. Joshua Airington

    Any update on when the sexcraft Chronicles will be available on audiobook on Audible? Also, are books 3 & 4 of the weatherblight saga going to be made into audiobooks?

    • wordmagehughes

      Heartgem Homestead should be up on Audible any day now, it’s been finished and in review since May 2nd. The rest of the series will follow over the summer. Potion Politics (Book 3 of the Weatherblight Saga) should be out by the start of June, and book four sometime during July/August. I’m a big audiobook listener myself so I’ve been doing my best to play catch up on my older series. My newer books should hopefully have much swifter audio releases. I’m already prerecording for Arcane Dropout, which should also be out in June as an audiobook (it’s going to be a busy month).

      • Joshua Airington

        Thank you for your quick reply. Looking forward to listening to the books.

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