Arcane Dropout

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Step 1: Sneak into an arcane college with the help of a cute female ghost

Step 2: Break into the school’s hidden archives

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit


Lee Amaranth is a mystic, not a mage. In fact, he’s never cast a spell in his life. His day to day routine involves communing with unseen supernatural entities and banishing specters with silver weapons.

With his sister missing, however, he has no choice but to go on a search that leads him to the locked gates of Primhaven University, a school forbidden to those untouched by arcane potential.

Luckily, if he plays his cards right, he might just have some help. A cute ghost from another century. A nerdy spellcasting prodigy. A beautiful teacher who sees right through his bullshit. It’s up to Lee to decide who to place his trust in as he formulates a plan to fake his way through classes and exams.


WARNING: This novel contains graphic sex scenes between the main character and numerous women/succubi/monster girls.



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  1. wordmagehughes

    Very soon. It’s undergoing proof-listening as we speak. I would say before the 20th, depending on how long the ACX review takes. I’ll post here once it’s out.

  2. S Howard

    Do you know when book 3 will be out on Audible? How many books will there be in the series? Because I fucking love it. And Alex Ford does a great job.
    Also listening to Weatherblight (book 2) right now. I kinda wish I started with Weatherblight first, since it seems to be completed, but whatever, I wouldn’t mind re-listening to Arcane Dropout again.

    • wordmagehughes

      The good news is that it’s already been sent to ACX (Audible) for review as of this morning. The bad news is the review usually takes around 10-14 days. Alex is already working on narrating book four, however, and I’m plodding away at writing book six, so the content will keep flowing. Glad you’re enjoying the series!

  3. Kody Willis

    How many of your series take place in the same universe? Is there a timeline I can use to read chronological order? Have you or do you plan on writing in non-harem romance series? The romance between Lee and Tess is top notch and you have a real talent for writing romance outside of gratuitous monster girl sex (though that’s not a bad thing either!)

    • wordmagehughes

      The only stories of mine that share a universe (as of 2019) are Arcane Dropout and Blood Mage. Blood Mage takes place about eight years before Arcane Dropout.

      Super appreciate the feedback. I haven’t written any romance outside harem fantasy, but it’s something I highly value in my stories. It’s all about the romance, really, getting that sense of a unique relationship that can flex and grow (and potentially disintegrate) over the course of many books.

  4. Cartoon Eric

    I’m digging this series. Finished book five and noticed that number six won’t be out until November 30th. Why do I have to wait that long?
    Now this is just a silly question on my part but is there any official artwork of some sort for the main characters of this series? I can tell who are Lee, Tess, and Harper. When book five came out I was wondering who the ladies on the cover of that were. Then I quickly deduced it was Mira and Zoe. Is there art of the other characters? Like Eliza? Just wonder.
    Either way I look forward to more of this series Edmund.

  5. Kibo

    Wow I love this series…. burned through all 4 audible versions in 2 days and buying book 5 today. When is 5 released on audible? Please keep this writing pace and keep the story going as long as I am alive. Harper is <3. The character depictions are so well written that you be come attached to each entity. The plot twists and outcomes are infinitely gripping and satisfying. Thank you. Alex is also insanely gifted.

    • Kibo

      Update: Just finished reading book 5. I lie on the floor in wait, time for me has stopped until November 30th. I disliked embarking on this journey without Alex, but I had no choice. I understand everything that happened was necessary, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

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