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Hey guys,

I’ve had a lot of people ask about when the rest of the Heartgem Homestead series is coming out in audiobook form, which I always find flattering. I deeply enjoyed writing those, they’re a personal favorite of mine. I actually wrote Heartgem Homestead twice, if you can believe it. The first, now completely mothballed iteration had Hal as a millennial from our world (the working title was “Millennial Knight) who fell into another. Basic portal fantasy stuff, you can see the legacy of it in Hal’s backstory.

Anyway, I’ll get straight to the point. Future Heartgem Homestead audiobooks are probably not happening. The reason why is simple: audiobooks are expensive, and only my most loyal, elite, awesome etc. fans bought the first one.

I’m just not at the point as an author where I can summon the expense that goes into an audiobook and not make my original money back. I’ve danced around it a bit in emails with some of you guys have previously asked me, because it feels a bit like the sausage-maker inviting cameras into the factory. I’m not a rich indie author, I’m a “let’s make sure this next book is good so I can heat the house through winter” type indie author.

With that said, I can still do audiobooks for new releases, so expect plenty of those in the future. If I ever have a book take off in a way that gives me financial freedom, I swear I’ll go back to Heartgem Homestead and give its sequels the audiobooks they deserve.

Infinitely sorry,

Edmund Hughes

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  1. Dave

    Have u ever considered pre funding the audio book thru kickstarter? Your fans, myself included, would be happy to help fund the project. Another author recently did this and even tho his goal was $15000 he generated over $70k a month before the release date! I’ve looked forward to the rest of this series being released on audio book and I’m certain I’m far from being alone in this

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