Syn City Legends

Hey guys,

I hope you’ve all been well, and if you’re in an area affected by COVID-19 like I am, I hope you’ve been taking care of yourselves and your families. My newest book is up for preorder (official release March 20th) for those of you who have time to read in between stockpiling supplies and washing your hands ;-).

I still have 40ish free ARCs (advance copies of the book to give out), so if you email me a screenshot of your preorder, I’ll send you the link on Booksprout so you can start reading now.

Link to preorder on Amazon.

Syn City Legends Final Draft (1)
Also, I’ll have new audiobooks coming out within the next few days. Harvest Tournament (sequel to Heartgem Homestead) and Arcane Dropout 6. Syn City Legends will of course get one, too, but ACX review times are now in the 30 day range, so I wouldn’t start checking Audible for it until this time in April.




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  1. Colum Burke

    Great to see harvest tournament coming out, I really enjoyed the first book, and really want it to see what happens.

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